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AL Plenary | Effectiveness of new measures to ‘cool down’ real estate market questioned

Ip Sio Kai was one of the lawmakers who questioned the need for the amendments The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong, was yesterday at the Legislative Assembly (AL) to present two bills that aim, according to the government, to “cool down” the region’s real estate prices. The measures approved yesterday amend existing laws […]

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Manhunt afoot for exotically tattooed man accused of burglary, choking and slapping

Cincinnati police are on the hunt for an exotically tattooed man they say climbed through a woman’s unlocked window and assaulted her. Michael Mann, whose face tattoos include a giant dollar sign and kissy-lips, is accused of aggravated burglary and domestic violence. He allegedly slapped and choked a woman with whom he has a child, […]

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Why Everyone Is Focusing On Alabama News

Usually, the people that live in Alabama are the only ones that follow Alabama news. In recent months, however, that has started to change. Here’s why so many people are following Alabama news stories so closely. People Care About The Election The recent Senate election in Alabama is an election that a lot of people […]

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